The Venue

Maple Ridge Farm…


God’s glorious creation…

Located in picturesque Barrington, this 5 acre property is where Morgen spent her high school years, and college summers.  So many bonfires, cook-outs, and games of capture the flag were held here.  It was home to kids, dogs, cats, horses, and llamas…plus the occasional coyote and herd of deer.

Ed and Morgen love open spaces and being out in God’s creation…so they wanted to throw one more party in the parents’ backyard.


One thought on “The Venue

  1. Morgen,
    Gary and I are so truly happy for you! You have always been our favorite and we have shared so many wonderful Godly moments on our journey together. We wish younall the very best and welcome to Florida….we are there foryou and Ed anytime.
    We will not be at this fun loving and unique wedding, but we will celebrate when you move to Florida in Gatsby style. Love and Best Wishes for the perfect wedding day together!
    Christine and Gary

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