The Happy Couple

img_5142It has been a crazy, miraculous year indeed…

Morgen Reynolds and Edward Szall met on September 14th, 2012 at the wedding rehearsal of Austin and Megan Reynolds…Morgen’s brother’s wedding.  (Yes, they do try to take credit!)

It happened in a little church vestibule, Morgen was being introduced to the rest of the bridal party…when a sharply dressed young man stepped up next to her and introduced himself with a smile and firm hand-shake.  Within 5 minutes they were talking about living in Germany, and running marathons…

They met...that look...

They met…that look…

After the rehearsal, everyone was getting ready to leave for the restaurant when Morgen’s mother said, “Honey, we have to go get the Texas relatives, can you find your own ride over?”  Feeling bewildered…Morgen turned to look around, and there was Ed.  “Excuse me, would you mind terribly giving me a ride?  It seems I got booted from mine..”  Ed smiled and said cooly, “Sure, I guess I could do that.”

After a whirlwind weekend of wedding festivities, walks, talks, and car-rides together…the weekend was coming to an end, Ed was on his way back to Germany…and Morgen was headed back to Chicago.  Before they left the Sunday brunch, Ed pulled her aside, mustered his courage, and asked if he could take her on a date.  Morgen was pleased, but skeptical, “Where?  I’m headed back to Chicago tonight, and you’re here in Iowa ’til Tuesday!”  Ed assured her he would drive to Chicago and take her out, that he wanted to do that.  She left him with her number, and gave the whole thing a 50/50 shot.

St. Jude's Charity Event

St. Jude’s Charity Event

Well, long story short… He took her out in Chicago the next night.  Then he flew back to

Entrepreneur's Eve in the Chi

Entrepreneur’s Eve in the Chi

Germany…and taught her how to use Skype.  Then there were months of facebook, long emails, and Skyping around the 8-hour time difference.  They spent the holidays visiting each others’ families, taking in the city together, and learning as much about each other as possible.  Ed passed the test – friends and family alike welcomed him with open arms, and approved of how well he took care of Morgen’s heart.

By Febuary it was love…and by March Ed was stateside to stay.  He was fully committed to their relationship. However, one thing still troubled Morgen.  She and Ed weren’t on the same page with their faith…and that was a huge stumbling block.  After many conversations, tough debates, a few tears, and LOTS of prayer…God got them there.  Ed accepted Christ and Morgen was in shock.

Several blissful months later... Morgen felt God tapping her on the shoulder and saying it’s time.  She was ready to leave her Barrington home, friends, family, work, and community to become Ed’s partner and begin building God’s Kingdom side by side.  And here they are!!


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