The Event

The Great Gatsby Theme: 

“The roaring 20’s and thrifty 30’s were the last great age in America…”

images (4) Ed and Morgen are both history lovers.  Early in their relationship, they bonded over discussions about tradition, culture, and how our history has shaped us.  After seeing the poignant story of The Great Gatsby on the big-screen this spring, they decided the emotional portrayal of deeply lasting love played out against all the color and excitement of the age was the perfect setting to seal their own love.

At the event itself:  you will be asked to participate in mysteries, frivolity, prohibition, and other escapades.  Come with a light heart and be ready to enjoy! 


Therefore, their wedding will be a 1920’s and 1930’s theme from the decor and music to the outfits of the GUESTS – yes you!  Think Glitzy Gatsby meets Gypsy Chic. We have a Vintage Style Specialist available to consult with each guest regarding outfit options and style choices.  She will also be styling the bridal party, you will find her info on Meet the Team.

depression-ap331124019Think about these folks as you piece together your look…

  • Flappers
  • Dock Boys
  • Immigrants
  • High Society

3 thoughts on “The Event

  1. I first met the couple when they were better known as Sherry & Stout, the infamous rum runners of the upper Mississipi…

    I was excited to celebrate with you all before discovery the theme–SO COOL!!! Now to invent my persona…

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