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On Joy's Wedding Day, 2008

On Joy’s Wedding Day, 2008

Love, laughter and music abounds in my life, as I am a freelance performer, composer and teacher. I am blessed with my husband, Ethan, and two (soon to be three!) little ones – Peter and Zoe. They constantly keep me on my toes as I have learned to balance my ambitions, friendships, and family.

I met Morgen ten years ago when we sold Cutco knives together.  When we first met I had no idea we would have such an impacting and lasting friendship. She has challenged, supported, encouraged, and been beside me through more ups and downs to count! In 2008, I had the privilege of having her next to me on my own wedding day.

Baby #1

Baby #1

Now, I’m absolutely thrilled to have the chance to stand up with Morgen as she and Ed start their new life together! I met Edward really early on and I could tell there was love in the air from the very start! I’m excited to see how they will create new community together in Florida and all the future plans God has in store for them. Without a doubt, Ed is a man of honor who I know will take exceptional care of Morgen. I’m so glad to know she’ll be in the best of hands.


Welcome to the Wedding…

Face your fears...I rode the Ferris wheel!

The blushing bride…

You’ve found it!  The official site for all the adventures and details surrounding the wedding to commemorate the beginning of Morgen and Edward’s life together.  We are so excited to start our marriage, we know there will be ups and downs, but that is how God grows and teaches us.  Whether or not you are able to attend the event itself, we hope you will continue to be a part of our lives, and walk along the road with us.  Thank you!

The dashing groom...

The dashing groom…

(enjoy poking around the site, there are all kinds photos and details so that you can enjoy this experience.  God has so blessed us, we want our wedding to be a blessing to you!)