Lace Up Your Boots

Intention and accuracy in everything...

Intention and accuracy in everything…

As I watched my soldier lace up his boots in the wee-hours of the morning, I caught my mind drifting to images of him lacing up those boots in a dusty tent somewhere…or on the floor of a hideout trying not to make a sound…what those boots must have seen over the years.  I wondered, what does he think about while he’s tightening the laces?  What has he thought about in the past?  How many days does he remember…or wish he could forget in those boots?

I think as Army families, it never get easier to watch our warriors lace up their boots, snap on their hat, and walk out the door.  Even once they are home and safe…we remember what it was like when they weren’t.  As I watched him tucking in his pants to regulation, I broadened my musings to include construction workers, nurses, salesmen, soccer moms…what do all of them think of as they lace up (or slide on) their shoes?

Really, none of us know what the day will bring, yet each day we set out with determination to face it.  In whom do we trust when the outcome isn’t guaranteed?  For me, my hope is in the Lord.  It its a hope that stems from knowing I am valuable and love-worthy.  I know I wouldn’t have survived my years of

Ready to march?

Ready to march?

hospitals and surgeries if it wasn’t for a purpose, if it wasn’t for all the prayers, support, and determined effort on the part of many to keep me alive.  I also firmly believe that I would never have met my solider, or been in a emotional place to begin a relationship, if it were not for a Divine Providence prompting both of our hearts to meet.

So at the end of the day, and at the start of our next one, I will pray that we will be strong and courageous, that we will lace up our boots and march into our life with Hope.  May we bring the best of ourselves as we go, the world needs it.

~  with love, Morgen


Vintage is Back…

Keeping it classy!

Keeping it classy!

I have always felt out of place, but really I was out of date. I was raised by an antique loving Mother and a sharp dressing Father, so I suppose the result is only natural.  Vintage clothing was the happy medium between those two worlds, which I began researching and wearing in my teens and later selling via my Etsy shop: Curio Vintage.  By finding and selling these unique pieces, a little of the class and quality of yesterday can be had by all who desire it.  I’m drawn to things of age because of the honest stories they tell + the kindred spirit I’ve felt for their charming strangeness and rough edges. I’m a Curio too, I guess.

The very first time I met Morgen was as a child in ballet slippers, but I digress. About 4 years ago she turned up again in my life, this time as my Axis small group leader!  I could easily credit her with introducing me to some of my closest friends and for welcoming me in at a hard point in my life.  I have not yet met Ed, but have heard wonderful things all around!  I am most of all excited to see Morgen matched with a godly man that deserves, challenges and loves her well!