Soon to be Sisters!

The one and only, Rachele Szall

The one and only, Rachele Szall

Most know me as Rachele Szall and throughout high school it was “lil Ed” but I am really the one and only little sister. I am currently a First Class Cadet at the Air Force Academy and next year I will hopefully be following in my brother’s footsteps of taking care of people.

I first met Morgen at a Christmas Party she was hosting at her church. I had just landed in Chicago before my brother whisked me off in excitement to meet a very special someone. I witnessed what a kind, loving person Morgen is and how independent she is; which is a trait I love about her.

Since then, I’d keep up with her busy life and her relationship with my brother through the traditional method of social media stalking and I was always happy to hear about the new experiences they had shared. Something I find fascinating is how your love for someone can make changes in your life for the better without you even noticing it. Having known Edward for quite some time now, it amazes me how happy one person, the lovely Morgen, has made him. I am extremely excited to see where the future takes them!