Exactly 1 Month!

Hello fine friends and guests!  I realized today, much to my amazement, that exactly 1 month from today, October 2, it will be our Wedding Day!!!!  Yikes!  Am I  ready to actually be married?  November 2 is right around the corner and will mark the culmination of these last 8 weeks of intentional – somewhat frantic – preparation.  This wedding season itself feels like a sprint, and just basic training for the marathon ahead.

Tonight, I was trying to get out a few last invitations and was literally going cross-eyed after a day of work, wedding, and work-out.  The good news is this: I have an amazing support team.  “Team RZ” may most often refer to just Ed and myself, but the truth is it takes a few other people to keep our heads on straight.  I’m so lucky to have my girls around me, seriously the best bridesmaids ever!  Plus our stylist, even my all-enduring mother.  They let me vent about my day, celebrate my successes, and brush my failures away with a sweep of their love.

For example, I’ve been quite worried about who would take my apartment…today one of the girls made an offer to take it herself!  What a relief that would be.  My coordinator/friend offered to take the rest of the invites off my hands – thank goodness, and my maid of honor brings me Starbucks even when I don’t ask.  My sister-in-law sat with me via phone and helped me put together my registry, and my long-distance-bestie has spent hours assuring me that I’m doing a great job at life in general.  Ha!  What would I do without these fine ladies?  And my dear mother…for all the stress and angst I cause her, she is faithfully organizing, crafting, hosting, and networking to pull everything together.  I certainly have learned from her over the years!

Tomorrow I fly to Florida to see Ed one last time…and the next time we’re together, we will be pledging our lives to each other!!!  It is still amazing to me that 2 people can be so in love that all the little messes of life don’t really matter as long as you have each other.  I can’t wait to see him, meet our new dog, and dream about the future….


What God has joined together, let no man tear asunder.

I realized this today:  Because God put us together in the first place that fateful day last September…how could we do anything but trust Him with what’s next? 

Peace and good night faithful friends.  May angels guard you til the morning,  (or something Shakespeare said)