My First Sister

ImageI am Megan Reynolds, not to be confused with Morgen or Marcia.  M’s seems to be popular for the Reynolds women. I am the bride’s sister in law.  I married Morgen’s younger brother, Austin, in 2012.

Becoming a part of the Reynolds clan has been a wonderful experience.  I remember when I first met Morgen, about 5 years ago.  She is tall, perfect hair, just gorgeous.  I was very intimidated.  Would she like me?  Would A.J. care if she didn’t?  I had no reason to worry.  Morgen hugged me and said “I expected you to be bigger, like a super buff swimmer or something”.  She made me feel like part of the family right away.  I can only imagine how in awe Ed must have felt when he met her for the first time at our wedding.

A.J. and I met Ed through a mutual acquaintance years ago and have kept in touch ever since.  We may not see each other often, but when we do, we always have long and meaningful conversations to get caught up.  It is like no time has passed since we last spoke.


Ed was an usher at our wedding and Morgen was one of the bridesmaids.  While we cannot reasonably take credit for the relationship they have built, we can say we saw it start.  It has been a joy, for both A.J. and I, to watch 2 people we care about finally find happiness.  It is a bonus that we love them both!  Knowing Ed and Morgen separately and together God could not have found two people more well suited for each other.  With love in our hearts  A.J. and I are looking forward to welcoming another branch into the Reynolds clan.  I look forward to watching Morgen and Ed continue to grow into each other as a couple and build a family of their own.


Already a Wife and Mom

On Joy's Wedding Day, 2008

On Joy’s Wedding Day, 2008

Love, laughter and music abounds in my life, as I am a freelance performer, composer and teacher. I am blessed with my husband, Ethan, and two (soon to be three!) little ones – Peter and Zoe. They constantly keep me on my toes as I have learned to balance my ambitions, friendships, and family.

I met Morgen ten years ago when we sold Cutco knives together.  When we first met I had no idea we would have such an impacting and lasting friendship. She has challenged, supported, encouraged, and been beside me through more ups and downs to count! In 2008, I had the privilege of having her next to me on my own wedding day.

Baby #1

Baby #1

Now, I’m absolutely thrilled to have the chance to stand up with Morgen as she and Ed start their new life together! I met Edward really early on and I could tell there was love in the air from the very start! I’m excited to see how they will create new community together in Florida and all the future plans God has in store for them. Without a doubt, Ed is a man of honor who I know will take exceptional care of Morgen. I’m so glad to know she’ll be in the best of hands.

Vintage is Back…

Keeping it classy!

Keeping it classy!

I have always felt out of place, but really I was out of date. I was raised by an antique loving Mother and a sharp dressing Father, so I suppose the result is only natural.  Vintage clothing was the happy medium between those two worlds, which I began researching and wearing in my teens and later selling via my Etsy shop: Curio Vintage.  By finding and selling these unique pieces, a little of the class and quality of yesterday can be had by all who desire it.  I’m drawn to things of age because of the honest stories they tell + the kindred spirit I’ve felt for their charming strangeness and rough edges. I’m a Curio too, I guess.

The very first time I met Morgen was as a child in ballet slippers, but I digress. About 4 years ago she turned up again in my life, this time as my Axis small group leader!  I could easily credit her with introducing me to some of my closest friends and for welcoming me in at a hard point in my life.  I have not yet met Ed, but have heard wonderful things all around!  I am most of all excited to see Morgen matched with a godly man that deserves, challenges and loves her well!

From Germany with Love


Was honored to stand up in their wedding last summer!

I am married to my prince charming Daniel Patterson and I work as a counselor in a group practice in Barrington, IL. I am a German native and moved to the United States four years ago.

Morgen was a small group leader at Willow Creek Community Church and was highly involved in the young adult ministry. Due to her height and outgoing personality it did not take long for me to notice and meet her. Our mutual passion for community, deep conversations and our love for God and His church connected us and built our friendship. In June 2012 she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.

At that point Edward was only a dream. A few months later I got news of a “soldier in Germany” who had captivated her heart. Daniel and I have both enjoyed getting to know Edward as an individual and Team RZ which is developing into a beautiful unity of kingdom values, righteous living and community building. I am excited to see the difference they are going to make in the world. I am also excited to see their babies; they are going to be so adorable!

Walking Side by Side

Planner, Entrepreneur, Dear Friend!

Planner, Entrepreneur, Dear Friend!

My first wedding job ever was at the bright age of 4, when I had the privilege of being the flower girl at my aunt’s wedding; and I have loved working them ever since.  Over the years I have participated as a maid of honor, bridesmaid, musician, florist, and coordinator extraordinaire.   While it all started as more of a hobby, today I am blessed to be building my dream business: Beaumann Wedding & Events~ and I LOVE my job!

I have known Morgen for 4 years now through Willow Creek Community church, and what a journey it has been! We have shared many adventurous memories, lots of laughter, some tears, but above all have supported each other through the many mountain high and valley low moments.

That has included the different status of men in our livesso when I first heard of this crazy wedding weekend and the new man in her life I was definitely a guarded friend and paid extra attention to Ed and all that Morgen would share about their relationship. While it was only one version of the story, I can say without a doubt that the journey these two have been on could not have been more divine.  I am so happy for the two of you and the start of your live together, as a team!

Soon to be Sisters!

The one and only, Rachele Szall

The one and only, Rachele Szall

Most know me as Rachele Szall and throughout high school it was “lil Ed” but I am really the one and only little sister. I am currently a First Class Cadet at the Air Force Academy and next year I will hopefully be following in my brother’s footsteps of taking care of people.

I first met Morgen at a Christmas Party she was hosting at her church. I had just landed in Chicago before my brother whisked me off in excitement to meet a very special someone. I witnessed what a kind, loving person Morgen is and how independent she is; which is a trait I love about her.

Since then, I’d keep up with her busy life and her relationship with my brother through the traditional method of social media stalking and I was always happy to hear about the new experiences they had shared. Something I find fascinating is how your love for someone can make changes in your life for the better without you even noticing it. Having known Edward for quite some time now, it amazes me how happy one person, the lovely Morgen, has made him. I am extremely excited to see where the future takes them!