Ever After

New Home...

New Home…

Once they are married….Morgen will move to Lake Mary, Florida where Ed is currently living.  She is looking forward to making his bachelor-pad as cozy and comfy as possible until next spring when they will scout new locations together.  Since Ed’s current place is a 2 – story, 2 bedroom apartment that is pool adjacent, Morgen is not complaining.  “The biggest challenge is all that beige…but I have a few ideas!”  Here comes the paint and DIY magazines.

Wait, did you catch that?  2 bedrooms…that means space for visitors!  “We hope our home will always have room for the weary traveler, or a frozen snow-bird to perch for a while.”  Morgen and Ed will be sending their new address with Thank-Yous, and would love to here from you, or have you stop by.  The door is always open…unless they are at the beach.


Other notes:  Foxy will be joining Morgen and Ed as part of the family, and has already expressed one concern about the move.  “Humidity wreaks havoc on my fur coat!  I hope Morgen invests in some good styling products…”


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