About the Team

images (3)We believe God works His best in a loving community of people who are united for a cause.  So, how could we get married without living that out?  We are blessed beyond words by the amazing, talented, generous groups of friends and family who bringing their best gifts to make our wedding a memorable event!  Get to know the crew, you’ll meet them all at the big day!

Natalie Schaumann: Wedding Coordinator/Bridesmaid:  Owner/Lead Coordinator, Beaumann Wedding & Events ~ “Turning your dreams into reality”  www.beaumannevents.com  phone: 541.905.6737

Erin Conley: Vintage Clothing Dealer and Vintage Stylist:   Owner at Curio VNTGhttp://www.curioVNTG.etsy.com, email: ofdustandwonder@gmail.com

Daniel Robert Patterson:  Pastor/Dear Friend

Laura Chy: Ceremony Music, keyboard and vocals

Bridal Party:

Lorri Cozzens: Maid of Honor

Natalie Schaumann: Bridesmaid

Joylynn Lewis: Bridesmaid/Music Coordinator

Tamara Patterson: Bridesmaid

Megan Reynolds: Bridesmaid

Rachele Szall: Bridesmaid


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