Those Precious Little Things

I’ve been occasionally posting on Facebook with comments that begin, “You know you’re married when…moment #___”, and then sharing some funny yet totally typical and relate-able moment I’ve experienced with my hubby.  So now I share with you…


The Soldier and his Dove


“You know you’re married when…moment #164:”  I catch my hubby snacking on bean dip after eating the dinner I cooked and brought out to him, while dinner round 2 simmered on the stove right in front of him!  The Bottomless Pit said nothing but quietly folded up the bag of chips and while trying to smile charmingly.

Have you had sweet moments like that?  Where your spouse does something that is just so totally them, you can’t even be upset because you’re cherishing your closeness to them in that moment?  I’ve been reflecting this week on some of those special moments, and so grateful for them.  We aren’t always in a state of mind to appreciate these things.  Often, we can be under so much stress that we just get upset at the change in plans or interruption of life, rather than appreciating that special person we GET TO stand beside in those challenges.  For example…

don't STOP believingAbout a week ago, we were the victims of attempted credit card fraud.  Our bank tends to be over-zealous about these things and has been freezing our cards any time we make an online purchase over $50, (so annoying!), but this time their cry of “wolf” had legs.  My darling man called me and asked kindly – not accusingly – “Babe, did you go shopping at American Eagle yesterday?  And spend about $300 dollars?”  I was puzzled, “Noooo,” I replied slowly, what had I done yesterday?  It certainly wasn’t clothes shopping – that’s a pretty rare thing for me these days.  Plus, I would never spend that kind of money without talking to him first, we simply don’t do that.  So the fact that he was calmly asking me if my habits had suddenly changed was quite gracious on his part.  He went on to explain that the store had alerted him that someone had tried to make the online purchase using our info and something had flagged their system.  When I assured him again that I had not gone on a bender, he told me he’d “take care of it”.

Aren’t those 4 of the most beautiful words in a marriage?  “I’ll take care of it”, reads like, “Don’t worry about it my love, I care enough about you that I will completely take this off your hands, and your mind.”  As I hung up the phone, I thought about how blessed I am for several reasons.  #1.  My dear one did not call angry or assuming anything #2. Even though he brings in the majority of our finances, he never begrudges me something I truly want  #3. In general, he does not stress about money whether it’s going out or coming in. He is able to budget and take care of bills without it becoming a stressful monster that eats into our precious time together.  Which brings me back to that moment.  He called me back an hour later to explain that someone had indeed tried to go on a bender with our credit card – the Apple store was also on the list, yikes! – but none of the charges had cleared and we were ok, new cards in the mail, etc.  See?  Really, nothing to worry about.

I was listening to this great country song on the radio – my hubby likes to sing the 2 lines that he knows when he’s puttering around

Future looks Bright

Future looks Bright

the house.  It goes, “It started with a good night kiss, my lips your lips…” and that’s all he knows, hee hee!  However, here is the thought it provoked.  In my early 20’s, it seemed all my friends and I could talk about after a date was, “Where is this going?  What’s next?  Where will it end?”  We were ever hoping that the next good night kiss would be the last man we kissed.  We knew how the story started…but which story would become our fairy tale?  And in that moment of reflection I realized that I’ve found my fairy tale…I’m living it daily.  I shared my thoughts with my man, and how grateful I was to know how our dating story ended.  And then that dear man reminded me, “Baby, this is just the beginning.”  ❤


One thought on “Those Precious Little Things

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am happy to see Ed’s snacking habits have not changed. The question is where does he store all of the snacks & food he eats? Looking forward to seing you both in a few days.

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