Taking the Leap

It's scary to jump off that step and not have firm ground underneath..will he catch me?

It’s scary to jump off that step and not have firm ground underneath..will he catch me?

There is something specific about resting in the arms of the person who has vowed to spend the rest of their life with you.  It is so comforting, it leaves the mind free of fears, and open to dream.  What is it about marriage that makes us so united, how is it different than really super committed dating?  I think it’s the leap.

When you get married, you don’t get to watch the movie of your life together play out in front of you and then decide, “yes, I’d like to have that. ”  We can never know what life holds in store for us alone, and even less so once joined with a partner who brings their own qualities, ideas and dreams into the equation.  Yet for those who are willing, the actual act of saying those vows is taking a leap of faith together, into a new life that is unknown…. The unknown is always scary, but like skydiving, going to war, or getting through college, there are adventurers in life that bond 2 people just because they got though it together.

I think the leap of marriage is in itself a bonding experience that helps you to face the scary unknowns.  When life gets tough, or throws you a curve, the hope is that you will be strong enough to look back to your wedding day and say, “we took that leap together, we are floating through thin air with each other, together we can find firm ground again.”

What about kids?  To have, adopt, what if we can't...

What about kids? To have, adopt, what if we can’t…

There will be other leaps throughout life that continue to bond you if you let them…but they can also tear you apart.  It is our choices in these situations, our ability to put the others needs first while still expressing our own, to be slow to anger and quick to forgive, that determines whether you will be glued tighter on the other side. Leaping into having kids together – another act of faith.  Taking a jump to move to a new place that your spouse feels better about than you do.  Re-arranging your career to make room for your partner, your family.  What about that leap into a crazy vacation that seems totally impractical but is probably exactly what you both need?

Yes, experiences are what unite people, and marriage is the first of many leaps of faith that can build a life un-imagined.  Here’s to love, and here’s to leaping.


One thought on “Taking the Leap

  1. Love your blog and love your writing. It is beautiful to watch you two grow into oneness in Christ. We are declared as one at the altar and then we move forward and grow into becoming what He has already declared that we are: one. It is that process of “becoming” where so many marriages fail.
    Next year we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. There is no one I would rather spend an evening with more than my husband. On our worst day after our worst fight, I’m still glad to hear his key in the door when he comes in each evening.. It is a great comfort to snuggle and rest in each other’s arms but there have been times in a crisis when neither of us had anything to give to the other and we’ve had to learn that we ultimately get our needs met in Christ and the success of our marriage flows from that… giving the other the freedom to be human. When one of us is derailed by job loss or health or some other crisis, sometimes it can take years to recover and during that time it can feel like we’re in a perpetual waiting room, hoping for the intimacy to return. When love becomes jaded, so many couples say, “We don’t love each other any more.” It may be true. Feelings change and that is when we turn to Christ and we fling ourselves into His Everlasting Arms and ask Him to love our mate through us and help us to see our mate through His eyes… and slowly the love begins to grow again. True love is staying the course when the feelings are gone and trusting God to return the feelings when it is His time. Like a rose bush after a severe pruning, what appears to be dead blooms again, only it is something stronger, more beautiful, and enduring than ever before.
    . I can just picture you jumping into your sweetheart’s arms and then the two of you leaping into the Everlasting Arms, together, daily walking it out, becoming what He has already declared you to be.. one.
    Please keep sharing. You’re a very gifted writer and have something to say that can not only change lives, it can save them….. Looking forward to more posts.

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