Remembering Willow…

After 7 years of calling Willow Creek Community Church my home…

God is calling me somewhere else.  Because I truly feel called to end my time here, and because there is the promise of starting a new life with my love in a new place (that is also a vacation destination – I mean, who doesn’t want that?), I feel a deeply rooted peace about this decision.

When I say I’ve called this church home, I mean that in EVERY way, and saying goodbye to the relationships and memories that have changed my life in radical ways is extremely difficult.  I cry every few days.  However, over the last 7 years, God has taught me to think of life in seasons, and to celebrate each season for what it brings, then let go and turn towards the next season with arms wide open.

From my first small group in Axis that took food to families in trailer parks, and visited me in the hospital…to leading in Axis, Sections, and then the Sports ministry, I’ve been blessed by so many opportunities to learn and grow.  When I look back, I don’t see the lonely nights where no one showed up to small group, or the tough calls I had to make that resulted in angry emails…God uses all of that, and the result is my beautiful friends, my own refined spirit, and memories of retreats, parties, laughter, hand-holding and hugs.  Could not be more grateful.

So before I go, I wanted to really celebrate the community, the people and experiences over the last 7 years that have shaped my heart, my mind, my relationship with God, myself, and others.  My soul is forever changed, and I will treasure these “learnings” as Creeker’s say, always in my heart.

Here are a few pics for the rest of you to enjoy.  Don’t judge the hair and wardrobe!  Hopefully that has improved over the years as well.


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