Vintage is Back…

Keeping it classy!

Keeping it classy!

I have always felt out of place, but really I was out of date. I was raised by an antique loving Mother and a sharp dressing Father, so I suppose the result is only natural.  Vintage clothing was the happy medium between those two worlds, which I began researching and wearing in my teens and later selling via my Etsy shop: Curio Vintage.  By finding and selling these unique pieces, a little of the class and quality of yesterday can be had by all who desire it.  I’m drawn to things of age because of the honest stories they tell + the kindred spirit I’ve felt for their charming strangeness and rough edges. I’m a Curio too, I guess.

The very first time I met Morgen was as a child in ballet slippers, but I digress. About 4 years ago she turned up again in my life, this time as my Axis small group leader!  I could easily credit her with introducing me to some of my closest friends and for welcoming me in at a hard point in my life.  I have not yet met Ed, but have heard wonderful things all around!  I am most of all excited to see Morgen matched with a godly man that deserves, challenges and loves her well!

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