From Germany with Love


Was honored to stand up in their wedding last summer!

I am married to my prince charming Daniel Patterson and I work as a counselor in a group practice in Barrington, IL. I am a German native and moved to the United States four years ago.

Morgen was a small group leader at Willow Creek Community Church and was highly involved in the young adult ministry. Due to her height and outgoing personality it did not take long for me to notice and meet her. Our mutual passion for community, deep conversations and our love for God and His church connected us and built our friendship. In June 2012 she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.

At that point Edward was only a dream. A few months later I got news of a “soldier in Germany” who had captivated her heart. Daniel and I have both enjoyed getting to know Edward as an individual and Team RZ which is developing into a beautiful unity of kingdom values, righteous living and community building. I am excited to see the difference they are going to make in the world. I am also excited to see their babies; they are going to be so adorable!


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